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Posted by Jackie Da Rosa on 7/7/2019

As a seller, you want to make the right improvements to allow your home to sell fast and at a good price. Many sellers end up making unnecessary improvements to their homes in an effort to sell. Itís important to know what improvements will actually make a difference in how your home is sold. Read on for more tips. 

What Do Buyers Expect

This is a broad question because it depends on a variety of factors. First, a buyers expectations dictates what theyíre looking for. Is a buyer looking for a fixer upper or does the buyer want a move-in ready house? What buyers see also greatly depends on a few factors including the time of year, the location of the home, how hot the market is, and how much inventory is available. Your home will sell based on what kind of real estate market climate itís in.       

Refresh Your Flooring

Buyers see the floors as soon as they get in the door of a home. Itís what either adds to or detracts from the house. Old creaky floors certainly wonít add to the appeal of your home. Itís one less thing a buyer will have to worry about before they move into a house, making it a great improvement. 


In the same realm as flooring, you should be aware of the quality of your carpets. Do they need to be ripped up? Should you have your carpets professionally cleaned? If you have simple carpets over hardwood floors, this isnít much of a concern. Wall-to-wall carpeting is where this is a major concern. 

Upgrade Appliances

Upgrading your appliances will always be worth your investment. Buyers love to know that a home is equipped with exactly what they need and ready for them when they move in. No one wants to buy a home knowing that the dishwasher or oven may need to be replaced at any moment. 

Refresh The Walls And Ceilings

Putting a new coat of paint on your walls and ceilings will be very attractive to buyers. You want to avoid buyers seeing things like smoke and grease stains. The wear and tear of everyday living can cause scuffs and scratches to occur on the walls. Fresh paint can really help to fix these cosmetic details.

The same thought process applies when it comes to wallpaper. If your wallpaper is old and tired, you may want to take it down and either replace it or paint the walls. Steering away from wallpaper may be the best practice, but if you canít avoid it at least replace it. 

Remember that buyers want to see themselves in the home. Personal style touches usually arenít the best way to go when it comes to prepping your home. The more neutral and basic the changes you make, the better. 

Posted by Jackie Da Rosa on 1/21/2018

Your home's wood floors have experienced heavy foot traffic over the years. As a result, they are scratched and battered and must be improved before you can add your home to the real estate market. Unfortunately, it may prove to be costly to have a professional floor refinisher remove wood floor scratches. And as a home seller who has already invested in a number of home repairs, the last thing you need is another hefty home repair bill. So what does it take for home sellers to remove wood floor scratches on a budget? There are many fast, cost-effective ways to eliminate scratches on your wood floors, including: 1. Disguise the Scratches. You may be able to use a crayon or marker to camouflage your wood floors' scratches. Wax sticks also are available at just about any home improvement store and contain stain and urethane that can help you cover up scratches and safeguard your floors' finish. In addition, you may want to try mixing colors to find the right combination to match the color of your hardwood floors. But remember, hardwood floors boast a combination of hues and tones. Therefore, even if you're unable to find the right blend of colors, you should be able to cover up white scratches instantly if you apply similar colors from crayons, markers or wax sticks. 2. Leverage a Combination of Vinegar and Olive Oil. Using a mixture of vinegar and olive oil may help you minimize scratches on your wood floors as well as transform your ordinary floors into dazzling ones. Typically, you'll want to pour a mixture that is equal parts vinegar and olive oil onto the affected area of your wood floors. After 24 hours, wipe off the mixture, and you should notice a significant improvement. It is important to note that this mixture won't deliver instant results every time. However, applying a new coat of vinegar and olive oil onto an affected area of your wood floors over the course of several days may help you eliminate scratches altogether. 3. Use Sandpaper to Your Advantage. Lightweight sandpaper may prove to be an ideal option to fix wood floor scratches. For instance, you can sand the affected area of your wood floors, use wood filler on this area and seal the area accordingly. This may allow you to enhance the appearance of your wood floors and ensure they look brand new. Keep in mind that you may need to sand, fill and seal an affected area of your wood floors a few times to eliminate scratches. But home sellers who remain persistent can use sandpaper to their advantage and minimize scratches on their wood floors without delay. Getting your home ready to list on the real estate market sometimes can be tricky, but your real estate agent can help you find ways to help your residence stand out in a competitive real estate market. In fact, this real estate professional can offer expert insights and ensure you can find ways to maximize the value of your house. Work toward improving the wood floors in your home, and you may be able to speed up the process of selling your residence.

Posted by Jackie Da Rosa on 2/5/2017

Want to feel better in 2017? Change your living space. Kick 2017 off by giving your home anew design. All it takes to feel better is one renovation. You donít even need to work at home to gain maximum benefits from this new home renovation. What you do need is to think about a room or section of your house that youíre having a hard time appreciating.

Give your home a new look in 2017

It might be your dining room. For example, you might hate how the carpet bubbles at the spot on the floor where your living room and dining room separate. Or you might really dislike how your kitchen cabinets make you feel like youíre stuck in the 1970s.

By changing the part of your home you dislike the most, youíll experience the greatest positive shift after the home improvement is finished. Got more than one part of your house that youíd rather turn away from than spend time in?

Get out a sheet of paper and make a list of specific parts of your house that you want to renovate. Rank each renovation, starting with the areas that bother you most. Take on one home renovation project at a time. Pay off the costs of the first home renovation before start upgrading another part of your home.

Check out these home improvements

Here are seven great home improvement ideas. These home improvement ideas can give your home a modern look and feel. They can also offer you more living space. Letís start in the kitchen, a room you entertain, serve, communicate and bond with family and friends in.

Replace those old, worn kitchen cabinets (the ones with the tarnished or cracked wood) with dark brown cabinetry. Get more storage space by installing base, wall and pantry cabinets. If dark brown cabinetry doesnít fit your taste, try unfinished, white or cherry wood cabinetry. Donít forget the back splash. You could go with a marble, opaque or tile back splash. Designs that back splashes come in are seemingly unlimited. Have fun renovating your kitchen.

New bathroom floor tiles can make the entire room feel different. Slate, marble, wood,limestone, ceramic and porcelain are types of materials that bathroom floor tiles come in. Ceramic and porcelain tiles offer a shinier look, but can get slippery when wet. Wood tiles offer an elegant look, depending on the color and design you choose.

Stylish bookcases make for great storage areas. They are also great at showcasing your family and friends. Donít just add books to these decorative furniture pieces. Intersperse fresh flowers and framed portraits and paintings between your favorite books.

Home improvement options are as rich as your imagination

Kitchen and bathroom faucets are a way to upgrade two heavily trafficked rooms at your house without spending a lot of money. Choices open to you include long stem faucets, flip handle faucets and faucets that operate on motion detectors. You may have seen motion detector faucets at work. With these faucets, the water automatically comes on after you place your hand within range of a sensor.

A finished basement cost more than other home renovations. Yet, the rewards are far reaching. You could start upgrading your basement by laying wood floor tiles or by carpeting the room. Sell unused clothes, old furniture and other items to consignment stores. Another option is to give the items to charity. Turn your finished basement into a family room, playroom or office space.

Similar to a finished basement, a finished attic gives you extra living space. Turn the room into an office or guest bedroom. Your finished attic could also become your adult childís room.

Replace your roof and you can add to the value of your entire home. Metal shingles are generally cheaper to install than asphalt, slate, tile or wood shingles. The downside is that the sound of rain echoes against metal shingles, creating more noise than youíd have with other shingles.

Just one home renovation could have an enduring and positive impact on your mood. It could give you a renewed sense of vigor. The home renovation that you perform could also keep you in your current home for several more years, especially if the home improvements provide you more living space. Pay renovations off as you go and you wonít go into debt to complete the upgrades.

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